How to Conduct Usability Audit: Tips and Tricks

Usability of a site is a degree of its convenience for users. If a site has a good usability, a person will quickly receive the necessary information and perform the targeted action. To understand how comfortable your site is, you need to audit its usability. Here, you can learn how to do it.

Usability audit is needed in at least three cases:

  1. Your site is at the development stage, and you need to adequately assess its convenience before launching for production.
  2. The site is already in production, but you are not satisfied with the conversion rate.
  3. You add new functionality and want to understand how to implement it better.

Usability is a complex characteristic of the site, which consists of 5 components. During the audit, pay attention to each of them, so as not to miss anything.

  • Technical side is of great importance. If technical problems on the site affect its normal operation, the user will not get access to the content or receive it with a huge delay. This is unacceptable, so pay attention to the HTML code, CSS and JS, site load speed, and server response.
  • The content is, in fact, the thing visitors come to your site for, so it should be convenient to get it. Pay attention to the headlines, text formatting and style.
  • Navigation elements should facilitate the usage of the site and search. Convenient navigation should have clean URLs, breadcrumbs, a small number of nesting levels, easily distinguishable links in the text, etc.
  • There are general principles of good site design, and you should follow these rules. Do not use too many fonts. Site structure should be consistent when navigating between pages. Optimize your design for mobile devices.
  • There are conversion elements on every site. Basically, all elements of the site affect the conversion, but there are those that are directly responsible for it. These are application form, a Buy button, calls to action, basket, tips, widgets. The availability, attractiveness and convenience of these elements largely determine the conversion.


How to Conduct Usability Audit: Tips and Tricks