Home Page Optimization Tips: What to Pay Attention to

Each site has its own requirements for the home page depending on the purpose and subject. Nevertheless, there are general optimization tips, and we will discuss them today.

Start with setting goals: who are a target audience of your site and what tasks it should handle. The home page is the front door, and users should quickly understand the topic of the site and decide if it is useful for them. If you do everything right, users will stay and explore pages of the site.

Be sure to study sites of successful competitors from all sides. This is the simplest and most obvious way to understand what your home page should look like. Copying competitors is a common mistake. Your goal is not to duplicate design and usability, but to adopt effective techniques and implement them in your project.

There are several things you need to pay attention to when optimizing your homepage:

  • Navigation. The homepage helps a user navigate the site and find information or goods they are looking for. The menu plays key role in navigation. The menu should be built according to certain logic. Each type of site has its unspoken rules for building a menu – you need to learn a few examples and try to make it convenient for users.
  • Content. You should think the homepage content over thoroughly.  The home page is not advertising or lending page. The purpose of its content is to attract attention, introduce the site and engage users in further interaction. First of all, the main page should have a logo and a short text about the matter of the site. The main page should solve the user’s problems, so focusing on yourself is inappropriate here.

You should pay special attention to homepage optimization. The effective homepage can help users to quickly understand who you are, what you offer and how you can be useful to them.