European Host company accepting web-money

Nowadays more and more people go shopping on the Global Network. In the virtual reality epoch electronic money is a call of the times.  The most popular instrument of payment on the Internet is WebMoney. This electronic funds transfer system allows paying for goods and services online. Nowadays this transfer service is widely utilized by Internet users because of its convenience. All you have to do is to register stating your passport data and phone number.

The main advantage of WebMoney  is an ability to pay or get money for anything online with the help of this service. For instance, you can pay for website hosting without leaving your room. Firstly, you have to invoke your keeper. Then you have to choose WM on the page of payment for the services and press ‘Pay’. After that, you immediately get to the payment page, all your data is automatically transmitted. You just have to log in and confirm the payment from your electronic cash-box using tips of the computerized system. If you do not have electronic cash-box yet you can open an account for free now.

Electronic funds transference is greatly popular in CIS countries. Unfortunately, in Europe there are not so many host companies accepting WM transfers. Our company is one of several European companies where you can pay for hosting using Webmoney. Safe and quick, think about it ;)

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