Effective Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

To make visitors stay longer on your website, follow these simple instructions:

  • Exclude distracting elements. Often sites contain advertising or other extraneous units. But an abundance of pop-up ads, animated banners and other inappropriate stuff irritates visitors and distracts their attention from the main content. This is a huge drawback which can make the visitor to leave your site. In any case, additional components must attract visitors, and give them some information they need. The main task of additional components is to win user’s confidence in your resource.
  • The first impression is very important. If the visitor has bad impression, they immediately leave the website, and it is almost impossible to return them.
  • Optimize page load speed (five seconds is the maximum). Slowly loaded sites are left immediately. No one wants to wait, if the same information can be found in a faster way.
  • Simplify site navigation. Users must clearly understand how to move around the site. Try to place all the navigation buttons conveniently. There should be also clear links on all important content.
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices. Nowadays, every site design should be adaptive, as most people communicate on the Internet using mobile gadgets. Therefore, your website should be displayed on them ideally.

These are the basic methods to keep visitors n your site that are effective in any case. Use them in complex to improve bounce rate.