Effective Landing Page: Checklist For 2019

The main purpose of creating landing pages is to sell or promote a specific product. Landings designed to solve this problem must have very specific qualities and technical characteristics. Let’s talk about main components that make up a successful sales-oriented landing page.

A landing page that helps to sell a product or service can be designed anyhow – creatively, classically, etc. In any case, its structure must contain 6 main elements, without which there is no result. Let’s talk briefly about each, taking into account trends that will set the tone in 2019.

  1. Unique offer is the main component of any landing page. It should gain consumers’ interest and engage them in the further purchase process. At the top of the page, put a short and catchy text: in a few words, tell visitors what benefits they can get working with you. With this information, you have to convince users that the offer is beneficial, and the product is necessary.
  2. Clever product visualization. In addition to the text of the landing page, you must take advantage of the visualization. This is a perfect tool for motivating consumers to perform the action you need. Visitors get the opportunity to see the product you offer.
  3. Show the scope of product use. Effective landing should contain information about the benefits of your product or service, and demonstrate how it works and in what cases it is used. Moreover, adaptive design is not enough today – it’s time to be mobile-first. It means that you need to optimize both the landing page and its content to voice queries.
  4. Lead form is an important element of any sales-oriented landing page. It should be located right next to the sales offer. It is important to correctly optimize the number of fields, and to put a link to the privacy policy document, so that consumers can be sure you keep information safe.
  5. Call to Action remains a necessary element. It should certainly stand out against the general background of the selling landing page.
  6. Backup option, or Plan “B”. You have to consider different scenarios on your landing. So use additional techniques to establish contact with the consumer. Place the button to subscribe to feed, offer to join the group or blog, add social network buttons, etc.

These are the main components of the selling landing page in 2019. Keep up with the times, use current trends correctly, and this will increase the effectiveness of your landing page.