E-Commerce Small Business Mistakes

In a highly competitive environment, doing own business takes much time and requires considerable effort. Developing small business on the Internet, you have unfortunately no right to make mistakes. We offer you a list of major mistakes that small business owners make:

  • Ignoring social media. The world becomes more mobile, and users want to receive information quickly wherever they are. Remember: nowadays your potential customers can be found in different social networks. Using social networks, you can increase the number of clients over time.
  • Target market misunderstanding. Do not confuse ‘the market of your dream’ with the real market situation. Start tracking your customer base. Over the next few weeks, collect demographic data of your customers. Once you get a better understanding of your target market, you can start preparing the content, promotions and ads according to received data.
  • Ignoring users’ reviews. Today, building a website and creating a group on social media is definitely not enough for your company to be found by potential clients. Small business tends to ignore reviews on social networks and review websites. Thus, you not only lose a valuable information and advertising source, but also show your customers that their opinion is indifferent to you. Review monitoring is often a great way to identify problems and fix them.
  • No site. This is probably the grossest mistake. Obviously, today just having a group on social network is not enough. Just imagine: 45% of small business companies do not have own website. The site allows you to provide users with useful information about your company, and also to advertise your goods or services.