Comparing Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

In this article we are going to provide a thorough description of hosting services features and make objective recommendations that can help you in choosing the most appropriate hosting type.

What is a Shared Hosting

Shared hosting implies one server resources allocation among several sites; that is why it is the cheapest and the most widespread hosting type. Shared hosting is good for “light” projects not requiring large amount of system resources.

Pros of this webhost type comparing with VPS and dedicated server are low price and ease of use.

Cons of shared hosting are relatively small amount of server resources placed at your site’s disposal, and dependence on neighbors (sites hosted on the same server). Simply speaking, the whole server could be damaged with large load created by one of the sites or DDOS attack on one of hosted projects.

What is a virtual private server hosting

Virtual private server is a physical server emulator. In fact one physical machine is subdivided into several independent parts. A customer gets root access to the virtual machine, so he can install various system applications and configure the software. It is clear that this webhost service is more expensive.

Pros of VPS are high load limits, complete independence from other users, and guaranteed amount of system resources.

Cons of VPS, it should be noted that the price is significantly higher than shared hosting one; in addition great server administration skills are prerequisite.

What is a dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server is a separate physical machine used by one web-developer. It is good for resource-intensive projects or for placing a large number of sites. This host service is the most expensive one.

Pros of this host type: first of all, you have no neighbors as the physical machine is placed at your disposal; secondly, you have root access to the site administration; thirdly, you can change the server configuration.

Cons are nearly the same as VPS ones, you will not be able to manage your server having no administration skills. In this case you have to overpay for server management service.

Conclusion. In general, if you have a small web project with low traffic, e.g. blog, shared hosting can fully satisfy your needs then. If the server resource requirements of your site are higher, or you want to find more reliable service for your site hosting, then VPS and dedicated server will suit you best.