Common Landing Page Myths

Much has been said about the efficiency of a popular internet marketing tool known as a landing page. Unfortunately, such a keen interest to this tool is an inexhaustible source of myths many customers still believe in. Let’s work through these myths thoroughly to get a more realistic representation of landing page functionality.

#1. ‘Landing page is a magic bullet for boosting sales.’ But magic is helpless if goods or services have no customer value. In fact, LP is just a nice showcase. Yes, properly designed and subsequently advertised landing page can increase conversion rate, but you should not count just upon it. Using multiple instruments in the complex can improve a promotion results.

#2. ‘You can quickly and cheaply create an effective landing page using different generators.’ In general, such a generator is quite a good tool, which has some definite advantages. However, you should know how to use it properly. You should know the copywriting basics, and be well-versed in Internet marketing and contextual advertising. As you can see, these generators can help specialists to simplify and accelerate the process of page development and testing.

#3. ‘It takes you only to create a landing page once for constantly enjoying high sales.’ This one is perhaps the most common delusion. In fact, effective version of a LP is often the result of multiple tests of different page versions and its various elements (like a header, a call to action, a request form, and so on). It is therefore important to understand that you likely have to develop several pages to get good results.