Choosing Images That Can Boost Your Contextual Advertising

Today hours long image search and processing is a usual practice. But working with contextual advertising, you constantly need dozens or even hundreds of new pictures. How to stop worrying and pick them up effectively?

It is a well-established fact that attractive images boost ad clickability. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so do not try to please everyone. Still, there are some common tips to follow while choosing images:

  • The image quality is also a beauty attribute. The picture should be clear, not shrank and squeezed. Image resolution should allow scaling it for all advertising modules.
  • The image should be relevant: it should match your search query and ad campaign goals so as not to confuse your audience. The task here is to illustrate the subject of advertising.
  • Metaphors and associations come to your aid if there is no specific subject. This is particularly true of advertising services. In this case, you can show the process, the result or some associative images.
  • Often, close-up portraits are used as promotional images. This is a sound approach in case your target audience knows that person and trusts them. Strangers offering some services can cause mixed emotions.
  • Use contrast and recognizable pictures. It is preferable to show large, well-distinguishable objects. Motley graphics with many small details can make the content difficult to perceive. It also works for low contrast colours. But avoid dazzled and violent colours as your ads could be associated with spam.
  • Don’t use just photos. There are so many types of visual content today: memes, mockups, collages, diagrams, infographics, icons, various stylization techniques, etc.

There are several types of ads, but they basically contain the same elements: headings, descriptions, quick links, and explanation. Not all of these elements are always displayed though – depending on the format, something may be hidden. Fill in all possible fields to transfer more useful information.

Under no circumstance violating copyright is a good thing. It is much better to order images specifically for your advertising campaign. In case this approach is not available, use free or paid stock.