Cheap or Reliable Colocation Service? Motivation for decision making.

Solid companies need large-scaled sites to provide clients with full information about company’s activities and services. Usually such companies have cutting-edge servers, but have no time for own datacenter organization. In fact, there is no need to organize own server room that satisfies all the requirements – it is much easier to find a reliable colocation. It means that hosting company provides a customer with special server place in racks located in fully-equipped data center; in addition, the hosting company is obligated to provide uninterrupted power supply, security and access to the worldwide network. Of course, it is not for free.

Reliable or cheap colocation – what is more beneficial?

First of all, critics of cheap service are of the opinion that it is never protected against such dangerous things as server disrepair or hacker attacks. In addition, it could suddenly turn out that technical support is not round-the-clock or you have to overpay for it.

It is desirable that provider has a license as it can save you from unnecessary problems in case of your equipment malfunction, and site or money loss. Unfortunately, cheap webhost providers usually do not have any license.

On the whole, before making a choice in favor of the cheap web hosting companies, keep in mind that their primary focus is around their own survival.

But what if packages offered by a popular hosting company are too expensive? Often promoted webhost company offers the very basic services at inflated prices.

That is why it is advisable to choose affordable colocation. Making a choice for moderate-priced service, you usually get a high quality hosting and save money at the same time. Such companies are ready to place your servers in modern data centers with a special microclimate, robust channels of communication and uninterrupted power supply.