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What is a virtual server – Essentials

Today the level of hosting service development gives the opportunity to provide users with a virtual server. People encountered this kind of service for the first time usually have a large amount of standard questions, and one of the most frequent is ‘what is virtual server’. Let’s try to overcome some difficulties connected with this wide-spread service.

Virtual server -  is а hosting service which provides a user with software emulation of a real physical machine. On one real machine several VSs can be launched. With regards to remote control, each of these virtual machines almost fully emulates real machine operation.

In simple words, the resources of one physical server are distributed programmatically among several virtual ones, thus, vserver is a machine within machine. Usually the physical machine potential is not fully used; in this case, these resources are at your disposal. More →

VPS – what does it mean?

Nowadays there is a large selection of hosting services at the host market. One of the most widely-spread internet goods is virtual server, or VPS. But what does this abbreviation mean?

VPS is a modern host technology which combines private server power and control flexibility. These three letters stand for words ‘virtual private server’. This service provides a user with private dedicated server which could be used for new library versions creation or present library alteration.

Within the scope of this service the user is provided with virtual server located on a separate physical machine. The user has a root access to the system, so he is able to install any program or to change any configurations of the server. More →