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5 Effective Content Formats for Your Blog

Basic content strategy helps you keep your head above water. In these articles, we discuss how to make your life easier with a smart content plan for your blog. Sometimes, it may turn out that format change makes your content play with new colours. Previously, we’ve offered you a list of 5 tasks your content must cope with. Here, we are going to take a look at useful formats of content suitable for different tasks. More →

Instagram in a Nutshell: How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Opinion Leader Promotion?

When the desired profile is found, look at the number of subscribers, the ratio of subscribers and likes, and the number of comments. Check out a couple of posts to see if there are any bots, pay attention to the general view and the quality of the content. If it is ok at first glance, message the blogger and ask for the account statistics and the price. More →

Cloud Native Today: Basic Cloud Business Models

Virtual infrastructure availability predetermined rapid emergence of cutting-edge business models, which we are going to discuss in this article.

For the last few years, the word ‘cloud’ accompanies each and every popular service or app description. Despite such aggressive marketing, cloud stacks and innovative platforms based on them have changed really many things in the way modern companies work. Here we are going to familiarize you with the most widespread Cloud Native approaches. More →

How to Find Keywords for LSI Core?

To begin with, LSI phrases can be divided into two categories: synonymous and related. The first group of words allows to avoid numerous repetitions of the keyword through the text, the second one helps to reveal its topic. We can assume that LSI phrases will be low-frequency requests, but this is not entirely true. There may be words and phrases of different frequency among them.

Let’s look at some free ways to construct the LSI semantic core. More →

Mobile Ads: Effective, Not Irritable

Mobile promotion is one of the most promising areas of advertising. Still, this type of advertising has a number of specific features that must be considered. You should understand that mobile promotion is a just that very kind of ad that requires special attention to user convenience, as user’s actions are limited with a small screen.

All advertising is partly annoying people, especially when you cannot get rid of it, remove or close it. We offer a list of tips to make the mobile ads comfortable for the user and profitable for the advertiser: More →

5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate

Many marketing experts fail to realize that a website is not a book cover, but rather a kind of user impression: people enter into interaction with your site visiting it. Thus, ‘make it nice’ is definitely not the only problem of site developers and web-designers. Fortunately, today there is a range of eye-tracking studies, which can tell you about how customers see your site in actual fact. In this article, the results of several studies are summarized.

  • Headers are extremely important. How well does your headline reflect your company’s concept or services? Research has shown that users pay more attention to headlines than to images. According to actual fact, effective headings have to attract user’s attention for one second. So this is essential to explain the essence of your proposal as briefly and clearly as possible. It also means that the headers should stand out sharply on the page and make people read more. More →
  • What is Laravel?

    Many web-developers think application deployment should be creative and interesting process without causing considerable inconvenience. But is it possible? Fortunately, Laravel can make this dream come true!

    Laravel is a convenient and user-friendly PHP framework. It frees you from the unwieldy spaghetti code and helps to create great web applications using simple and intuitively obvious syntax. This PHP 5.3 framework describes itself as ‘A Framework For Web Artisans’. In the judgment of its author, Taylor Otwell, Laravel tries to give the joy of programming. It is: More →

    Main cloud server advantages

    Recently, more and more attention is drawn to cloud hosting. This is one of cutting-edge technologies gradually mastered by hosters. Nevertheless, the majority of people does not fully understand what such kind of hosting actually is, that is why there are so many misconceptions concerning its functionality.

    At present, cloud servers are subdivided into two types – private and public. Private server presupposes the availability of own data center, while public one is fully open to the general public so that anyone can get the data. More →