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What Is Latent Semantic Indexing and How to Use It?

The term LSI (latent semantic indexing) appeared with Panda algorithm launch, but it gained popularity just after Google’s breakthrough in the field of semantic search and the launch of the Hummingbird algorithm. Due to this search engine began to evaluate the relevance of the content not only on the basis of the keyword occurrence, but rather More →

User Behavior in Information Search Process

Not so long ago, to find necessary information on the Internet, user had to send a request to one of the top search engines through a desktop computer or laptop. Today, the process of finding information is bound neither to a single device, nor to one or two search engines. Modern user has multiple devices constantly connected to the Internet, and increasingly seeks for information not through global search engines but on specialized sites.

Here, the main characteristics of modern user behavior in the process of finding relevant information are listed. More →

Authentication vs. Authorization – What Is the Difference?

Is there any difference between authorization and authentication? The majority of computer users perceive these terms as synonyms: the process of logging in to a computer system providing credentials (for example, entering to your e-mail or social network page, etc.). However, these processes are different and just seem to be identical because they always go together. More →

What is Laravel?

Many web-developers think application deployment should be creative and interesting process without causing considerable inconvenience. But is it possible? Fortunately, Laravel can make this dream come true!

Laravel is a convenient and user-friendly PHP framework. It frees you from the unwieldy spaghetti code and helps to create great web applications using simple and intuitively obvious syntax. This PHP 5.3 framework describes itself as ‘A Framework For Web Artisans’. In the judgment of its author, Taylor Otwell, Laravel tries to give the joy of programming. It is: More →

Things to know about mod_rewrite

mod_rewrite is very flexible and versatile Apache program module which primary function is the URL manipulation. Note that it will not run under other web servers! This is a really powerful tool; therefore it is essential to know how it works and how to use it. In fact, you should not necessarily use it in your project, but it is really important to know what this module can do.

This module provides a rule-based mechanism for dynamic change of requested URL. More →