After-Launch to Do List: Tips for Beginners

So, you have created your mobile application, what’s next? Every business owner faces this issue after their own mobile application is up and running. Unfortunately, many of them do not know the work on the application should continue after its launch. As a matter of experience, we offer you basic tips on how to deal with some tasks that are likely to appear.

  1. Create an app promotion checklist. Landing page that supports your application can be launched long before application itself is ready, but the site must be updated after the application becomes available for download. Add the appropriate icons of stores with links to your application. Remember that social networks provide excellent results in the promotion of mobile applications, but this does not mean that the results will be the same for any business area. We do not recommend relying solely on social networks.
  2. Create an application support plan. There are several factors that affect the support of your mobile app: user requests, error correction, and software updates. Software updates are easier to plan, but if your application relies on any third party API, you should also to monitor their significant updates that may affect the operation of your app. In addition, you should expect and schedule user requests and minor errors that may have been missed during development. Since your audience will use the application much more often than you, you should make sure that they can warn you of any errors found and send you a support requests.
  3. Use app analytic tools. Application analytics can tell you more about your audience, as well as help you improve your mobile application.

There is no denying that developing an application takes effort, but what comes next takes even more effort. Your application cannot succeed, if you do not promote, maintain and analyze it timely. And, more to the point, none of these post-launch activities is a one-off task; as long as your application is part of your business plan, they will always be relevant.