5 Main Tasks Effective Content Must Cope With

Sketching some basic strategy is a good method to keep you inspired. That is why a carefully thought-out content plan is what you precisely need. The questions like “What should I write about?” will simply not arise then.

How can you build such a plan? Sit down and think carefully of goals you set, proportions between entertainment and sales you need to maintain, formats you are good at and things your subscribers like the best (especially on your social networks). Here, we offer you two useful lists of content tasks and formats so you can get an efficient content plan.

The core goal of the content is to engage and lead the target audience through the sales funnel. This means that content must not only sell something but also work on other stages.

  1. Creating a brand image. Image is important. In your blog, you can tell a lot about the company, and make a name in the industry.
  2. Proof you are an expert. It is essential to convince users that you perfectly know your job. Skillful content works for your benefit. Do not be lazy to share lifehacks and useful research.
  3. Education of the audience. If you prove the proficiency, you become a teacher of your users. Expanding the audience’s experience, you get smart and grateful clients.
  4. Call to action (purchases and orders). Articles can sell your products and services much more successfully than direct advertising. Describe how you help customers solve their problems, how your project is arranged, etc., and back up your arguments with successful cases.
  5. Entertainment and virality. Tons of educational content can be tedious – it is vital to relax the atmosphere with fun notes. You don’t have to post cats or silly coubs, but you do have to add vivid emotions to your blog. Moreover, people eagerly share good stuff with friends, which is basically a free attraction of a new audience.

Next time, we’ll discuss various content formats you can use in your blog.