5 Effective Content Formats for Your Blog

Basic content strategy helps you keep your head above water. In these articles, we discuss how to make your life easier with a smart content plan for your blog. Sometimes, it may turn out that format change makes your content play with new colours. Previously, we’ve offered you a list of 5 tasks your content must cope with. Here, we are going to take a look at useful formats of content suitable for different tasks.

  1. Quotes, memes, aphorisms can be adapted to your subject and tied to the appropriate occasion. For example, you can post some horror movie quotes on Halloween, etc.
  2. Your news or industry innovation. News publications can tell a lot about the life of your project or broadcast events in the industry. Also, this format helps to involve readers in the discussion as people like to bandy about new stuff.
  3. Guides, lessons, step-by-step instructions with examples are on top. Currently, these are the most popular types of content. Also, this includes checklists, collections of useful services, tools, etc.
  4. Special cases, your inner workings, stories of your customers. Reviews of real users are always inspiring. If you have successful projects and your customers give you the run of sharing it with your readers, use this for publications. Motivate customers (e.g. with bonuses) to post public reviews, write stories for your blog or social networks.
  5. Research, analytics, statistics, conclusions in any subject can be interesting to your audience. Analyze objects, events in your industry and share your observations with the others. Such content will attract new subscribers to your blog or the page on social networks.

Now, you have two lists, the one with tasks and the other one with formats. You can cross-thread them to get a good and well-stocked blogging content calendar. But, of course, some formats have a narrower focus. For example, there is no chance that a meme, even very relevant one made in branded colours, will greatly help your sales.