Monthly Archives: February 2019

Introduction to Service Mesh: Why Is It Critical for Microservice App?

In recent times, service mesh has become an essential component of a cloud stack. Traffic intensive companies have already added it in their applications in production. Linkerd, open source service mesh for cloud applications, is now officially developed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which also works on Kubernetes and Prometheus. So what does it precisely do, and why is it this critical? More →

Cloud Native Today: Basic Cloud Business Models

Virtual infrastructure availability predetermined rapid emergence of cutting-edge business models, which we are going to discuss in this article.

For the last few years, the word ‘cloud’ accompanies each and every popular service or app description. Despite such aggressive marketing, cloud stacks and innovative platforms based on them have changed really many things in the way modern companies work. Here we are going to familiarize you with the most widespread Cloud Native approaches. More →