Monthly Archives: September 2018

SSL Types: What Certificate to Choose?

HTTPS makes the Internet safer. Among other things, HTTPS support increases the chances of taking higher positions in search results. To add HTTPS to your site you should generate validated SSL certificate. But before you start moving, you must select a type of certificate that suits you best. Depending on the level of verification, certificates can be of three types: More →

How to Increase Sales with Contextual Advertising?

There is a common opinion that contextual ad is a quick way to improve sales: set up, launch, profit. But actually it is a quick way to attract traffic, which has not so much in common with leads and conversion. Wrong attitude and expectations provoke a lot of shortcomings in advertising setup. Three whales of sales – targeting, announcement and landing – lose strength and ruin the success of the whole campaign. Here, we’re going to correct these mistakes. More →