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Portraying the Target Audience: Basic Tips

Many companies use on the Internet just the same approaches as in the offline – they advertise their goods to a wide audience hoping that it will meet its addressee. Meanwhile, network can help you accurately find those who are interested in your product. You just have to define who your customers are. Today, let’s talk about how to identify the target audience and use this data for successful business development. More →

What About Us: 7 Best Company Page Tips

The description of the company is not just a tradition or a rule of good manners. The “About Us” page helps to increase the loyalty of visitors and search engines. Here it is necessary to describe the history of the company and the main directions of its activities, to tell about the key achievements and advantages. But is it possible to make the description of the company work on the involvement of traffic and sales growth? We share some tips in our new article. More →