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Dealing with Negative Feedback: 5 Grave Mistakes to Avoid

Any negative review can have a positive side. But if a company has many negative customer reviews and does not react to them at all, there is nothing to be optimistic about: it is quite natural that customers lose confidence in such a company, and will hardly buy anything there.

Here, we offer you common mistakes to avoid when handling negative customer feedback. More →

Web Design Trends 2017

The amount of information in the network increases very fast, the interaction of users with sites gets shorter, and their demands grow. Web design tools and techniques, which seemed to be new and interesting a year ago, are no longer popular today, and often irritate people. That’s why web designers are constantly working to improve the user experience, relying on the technological capabilities of mobile devices, research results and custom feedback.

Here, we offer you five web design trends 2017. More →