Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tips to Double Landing Page Conversion

Everybody knows that increasing the conversion rate is directly proportional to the increasing income. In order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests and to make certain improvements to the landing page, and soon the percentage of conversion will grow. Today, there are four methods that can help to double landing page conversion through the integrated approach. More →

Here is why every business needs a mobile website

Today, most people spontaneously seek information and impulsively make decisions with the help of a mobile device that is always at hand. Obviously, it is critical for every company to respond to such requests as quickly as possible. Adaptation of the site and its content to such a model of interactions is the main task of the online strategies of modern business today.

Usually mobile sites are browsing on the run, in a rapidly changing environment. That is why following features are very important for them: More →