Monthly Archives: August 2016

What Is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is one of the main factors of the low search engine ranking. Such content is partially or completely the same texts, images and other elements of the site content available via different URLs. Content duplicates can significantly hamper the search engine optimization of the site.

Of course, junk web pages are a serious problem for search engines as they have to waste so much processing power to handle such a useless content. More →

How to Improve Your Site’s Reputation

In a tough competitive environment, a good reputation is the key to success. Today, the company simply must have a good reputation to do business effectively. That is why reputation management is one of the main tasks in the area of network management. This is necessary in order to increase site’s competitiveness and to promote your services and goods to the largest possible number of people on the network. More →

Effective Site Promotion Tips

As we know, none of physical or virtual enterprises can grow independently. Every company has to work hard to become popular. Especially it concerns e-commerce companies – they cannot do without good promotion because of fierce competition on the web. Here, we offer you a list of effective tips on how to promote your site. More →