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How to Increase Content Readability

How to Increase Content Readability

One of the biggest challenges in web resource optimization is the generation of good content. Unfortunately, most of your visitors often do not read texts posted on your site, even if they are extremely interesting and useful. In such a vast amount of information users just look through the text, focusing only on certain tags (keywords, titles, graphics) and relevant facts. Therefore, if you want to develop effective communication with your audience through content, consider some tips to improve its readability. More →

Tips for Effective Brand Promotion

Internet branding is one of the essential components of marketing strategy.

Of course, contextual advertising can bring new customers to your site regardless of regardless of how well-known and popular your company is. Still, the ‘recognizable’ business develops faster and more effective. Today, we will talk about the ways of creating a positive image of the company and managing its reputation with the help of online marketing technologies. More →

Product Cards – Common Mistakes to Avoid

Product cards are conversion pages of the online store specifically designed to accomplish several strategic tasks: to bring targeted traffic, provide immediate sale, to satisfy pent-up demand, and to promote an increase the average ticket. Often the design of such pages contains mistakes that reduce its commercial efficiency. In this article we offer you a list of the most common mistakes. More →