Monthly Archives: April 2016

Infographic as a Way to Drive Traffic

Infographic (also known as data visualization or information design) is a relatively new phenomenon, based on the theory that studies the regularities of visual perception. It is a graphical way of presenting information, data or knowledge, the purpose of which is the rapid and clear presentation of a complex piece of information. Simply put, it present the data in a structured way through graphs, charts, maps and visual stories without having to read large amounts of text. More →

E-commerce Marketing Automation

Today, there is fully-featured software that can perform most routine marketing tasks in a couple of clicks. It saves you much time and money as you do not have to develop your own IT-solutions.

We offer you a short classification of the most popular services (including their field of application in the marketing processes of the company). More →

Mobile Ads: Effective, Not Irritable

Mobile promotion is one of the most promising areas of advertising. Still, this type of advertising has a number of specific features that must be considered. You should understand that mobile promotion is a just that very kind of ad that requires special attention to user convenience, as user’s actions are limited with a small screen.

All advertising is partly annoying people, especially when you cannot get rid of it, remove or close it. We offer a list of tips to make the mobile ads comfortable for the user and profitable for the advertiser: More →