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Authentication vs. Authorization – What Is the Difference?

Is there any difference between authorization and authentication? The majority of computer users perceive these terms as synonyms: the process of logging in to a computer system providing credentials (for example, entering to your e-mail or social network page, etc.). However, these processes are different and just seem to be identical because they always go together. More →

Effective Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

To make visitors stay longer on your website, follow these simple instructions:

  • Exclude distracting elements. Often sites contain advertising or other extraneous units. But an abundance of pop-up ads, animated banners and other inappropriate stuff irritates visitors and distracts their attention from the main content. This is a huge drawback which can make the visitor to leave your site. More →

How to Create an Effective 404 Error Page

404 error page appears if there are mistakes in URL or if a visitor followed broken link. Running across this page, most users try to close and forget it as soon as possible. In order not to lose all these visitors, it is recommended to create a custom error page with an unusual and captivating design. In this article, we will discuss effective ways to cope with 404 pageĀ tasks.
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Tips for Creating a Perfect Product Page

On most of e-commerce sites, the product description is placed at the bottom of the page, while users are interested in detailed information on product in the first place. As confirmed by the statistics, the vast majority of new website visitors look for product specifications and descriptions even if there are beautiful product photos of very high quality. It is not surprising: the more detailed the description is, the fewer questions the potential buyer has. More →