Monthly Archives: August 2015

What Is Informational Product

The term ‘informational product’ has become customary on the Internet very quickly as the thing most people are looking for here is information.

Generally speaking, informational product is reliable piece of information, someone’s useful experience presented in a certain form. Moreover, this useful information should be timely presented and up-to-date. Also it should not be borrowed. More →

Web Design Basic Rules

We are going to discuss the fundamentals of web design that can help you improve your design skills and get rid of the most commonplace website problems.

  1. A site is a system. This idea will help you build a logically adjusted site which performs all the tasks in a really effective way. Arranging site elements is very important and responsible part of development. Put site layouts in order. More →

What Is Bounce Rate and How to Improve It

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site within 15 seconds without moving to any other page. High bounce rate is an alarm sign for search engines, as it means that your site may turn out to be of low quality or not respond to declared search requests.

Bounce rate is a relative value, it can be different on different types of sites, but it is surely clear: the lower is the bounce rate, the better. More →