Monthly Archives: July 2015

Tips for Designing Usable Registration Form

Most web sites spend lots of money to attract users and to make them register. But what do visitors see when they open a registration form? Usually they see a frightening obstacle course they must overcome in order to register. The more complex is the registration form, the more likely a visitor will leave your site. Let’s discuss the most pressing problems: More →

How to Attract Customers to Your Website

This article covers a wide range of simple ways to attract potential clients to the site and convert them into regular customers. Combining these tips into a solid mechanism you can considerably increase the customer base in short time.

  • Create a business blog. Maintaining a blog is a powerful tool to attract the target audience. But note that you can expect a stream of customers after 50 and more high-quality articles published. More →

Common Landing Page Problems

Internet projects use landing pages to engage site visitors in a conversion scenario.  But very often landing pages yield no expected results because of several typical mistakes. Fix them, and you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Boring header. Headline is the first thing your visitor sees on the page. Thus, it is your chance to to explain your intentions, arouse your clients’ interest, and motivate them to stay on the site. More →

Improving the Performance of a Website

A website performance can be increased in different ways. First of all, you can use analytics tools to gather site statistics: which sites visitors come from, when they come, what content they are interested in. If site traffic is high enough, but goods or services are ordered rarely, then customers are not satisfied with your product or its presentation on the website. More →