Monthly Archives: June 2015

Landing Page Design Rules

Quality design of a landing page can focus the attention of potential customers on the call to action. Moreover, it simplifies the perception of available information. Here we offer you some rules that can improve your landing page design and site conversion.

  • Take care of landing page usability. Opening your page visitors should immediately understand its goal, benefits of your product, and action they have to perform. Otherwise the page is absolutely vain. More →

Landing Page Mistakes

Landing page is used to provide visitors with a proper proposal or information they are looking for.  The goal of such page is to convert the visitor (that is, to convince them to perform a certain action like a purchase, a registration, or a subscription, etc.). Here, we list several common blunders that kill the effectiveness of your pages: More →

Content Marketing Myths

In fact, becoming a content marketing master is not as easy as its strongest advocates say. Still, it is much easier than doubters think. The first step to success is to understand the real state of affairs in this sphere. In this article, we are going to explode some content marketing myths and describe time-tested strategies that really work.

Myth #1: Content marketing is a common advertising. More →

Tips For Creating Catchy Content

Today, bloggers and content managers must resort to different tricks to get readers’ attention. Various approaches, intriguing headlines and colorful pictures are put to use. But sometimes this is not enough. What if content marketing does not work? Here are some tips:

  • Respect your readers. Do not underestimate visitors of the site. Write in a clear way, but take care of the content richness. Of course, it is better to not write too abstruse texts if several sentences and pictures are enough.
  • From the private to general. More →