Monthly Archives: May 2015

Bad Blogging Habits

In this article, we offer you to become familiar with the most common bad habits bloggers have and some tips to break these habits off.  Try to avoid making such mistakes:

  1. Information is presented in a too complex way. When you write an article on a well examined topic, remember that your readers may not be as well informed on this issue as you. So try to write articles in a simple way using common vocabulary or wide explanations to keep a text clear to general audience. More →

How to Choose a CMS

The selection of CMS for the site is a very urgent issue. Here, a lot depends on proper priority setting. In this article, we will summarize our experience in CMS search.

Looking for a CMS you should act according to such scheme:

  1. Decide what type of website you want to start (forum, blog, community, etc.).
  2. Make a list of the main features you need.
  3. Think whether you have a budget for plug-in purchase (some content management systems offer paid plug-ins). More →

What Is Site Usability?

The usability is to the level of the site simplicity and ease of use. Of course, the higher this level is, the more visitors the site attracts. Thus, it deeply affects the number of visits and even site conversion.

Since the main purpose of a commercial site is to sell products or services, the usability issues come to the fore. As a rule, visitors do not care what programs are used to create a site, and how skilled design is. Convenience and understandability are main points for them.

User behavior survey shows that people deeply dislike slow sites and too complex design. More →

Golden Rules of Blogger

Commercial blogging is quite a complex implementation of creative ideas, as it should be kept within strict bounds of marketing and company ethics. There are few golden rules to make your blog popular.

  • Creativity. Try to suggest new ideas, and do not be afraid to destroy the common truth. Surprise your visitors! Today, nothing is appreciated as sincerely as individuality.
  • The ability to acquire friends. It is really important to maintain contact with your visitors (discuss your content, give a response to comments, etc.). Your readers want to be sure you are not a soulless machine, but sincere, friendly and skilled person. More →

What Is Customer Insight?

The term ‘insight’ can often be heard from advertisers, marketers, and web-designers. Depending on the context its definition can vary significantly. In this article, we will try to find out its precise meaning.

  1. Customer insight is something your target audience appreciates most of all. This can help you to adjust your site to a separate public and greatly enhance the overall user experience.
  2. Insight is a purchase driver. More →