Monthly Archives: March 2015

Common Conversion Killers

Every skilled e-commerce site administrator knows that conversion depends on design, content, usability and technical condition of the site. However, sometimes even perfect landing pages face conversion related problems. Let’s analyze the most common conversion killers and try to correct mistakes that reduce landing page effectiveness.

  • Inexpressive texts. Visitors do not like carelessly written texts overfilled with clich├ęs as such content does not inspire confidence. Each sentence you write should have a specific meaning intended for a specific reader. The more meaningful content you write, the more trustworthy your site is. Use facts and specific details in order to increase the selling texts credibility. More →

Web Design Trends 2015

Every year, a set of high-quality sites with innovative design and functions appear on the Internet. This article aims to predict mainstream web design shtick in 2015.

  • Illustrated stories. Undoubtedly, fascinating illustrated stories are in trend in 2015. For example, you can present your company as a story supplementing it with bright captivating pictures to make users scroll through it again and again. Support your story with web design means to make it more interacting; you can use game elements that make the user’s interaction with the site not only useful but also enjoyable. Such an approach undoubtedly leads to a better perception of the content. More →

How to Secure LAMP Stack

LAMP stack is a widespread group of software that consists of Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL or MariaDB database management system, and PHP server side scripting language. Of course, server side protection is a rather vast topic that cannot be fully investigated within a single article. This article just covers the basics of LAMP components protection.

To protect Linux:

  • Use key authentication instead of password authentication whenever possible.
  • Change the port sshd is listening to; it is recommended that a port higher than 1024 is used.
  • You should consider using iptables or fail2ban firewall. More →

Site Language Versions: Important Tips to Know

Today, even the representatives of small and medium businesses seek to overstep the bounds of the market they work in. That is why multilanguage sites enjoy wide popularity now. Still, many people face lots of challenges during website language adaptation; usually it happens because the initial plan is poorly thought-out. This article aims to solve problems you could encounter creating language versions of websites.

There are several technical issues to be considered during the preparation of a site adaptation plan: More →