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How to Prevent DoS/DDoS Attacks

In simple terms, DoS attack is a type of malicious activity aimed to crash the computer system so it cannot serve users or properly perform its functions. Usually Denial-of-Service state is caused by software errors and excessive network or system load. As a result, software or the entire operating system is damaged, what threatens to cause downtime and loss of visitors. Remote DoS-attacks are divided into two types:

  1. Remote exploitation of software bugs to make a program inoperable.
  2. Flood (the victim receives a huge amount of meaningless packages which allows an attacker to get a communication channel or resources of the machine).

As a result of such attacks, the server spends all the resources to process attacker requests and the rest of users have to wait. More →

How to Secure WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, so it constantly becomes a target of hackers who find and exploit its vulnerabilities. In case your blog is hacked, you may lose content, data, as well as precious time of site operation. Taking care of blog security you can guard your reputation and provide visitors with the highest level of service. Unfortunately, most users think about safety precautions too late. In fact, you can protect your blog with just a few simple steps.

  1. Remove the default login. Hackers are looking for blogs whose owners use default WordPress login as it is a half of information needed to crack the blog. Using the username «Admin», you save a lot of attackers’ time – all they have to do is just to guess your password. More →

Landing Page Optimization Tips

Good landing page makes contextual advertising more efficient, increases sales, and allows to estimate the effectiveness of online sales. In fact, it is your first chance to convince a motivated customer to make a purchase. When visitors open a page that not fully meets their demands, they surely leave it forever. This article briefly describes common mistakes made on landing page and suggests several ways of its optimization.

Now you probably have a question: Why do we need to optimize landing pages? The answer is pretty obvious. It allows to increase user comfort level and their trust in you, causing better conversion and site usability. All that leads to maximizing campaign recoupment.

Top 5 Mistakes: More →

How to Increase Your Online Sales

Well written texts for e-commerce site can increase search engine traffic and conversion rate which definitely exert positive influence upon your sales. This article brings to your attention some tips on writing texts for a commercial site.

  1. Pay attention to the formatting. Users tend to flick through the page not filling in details. That is why a good website should combine lists and paragraphs. Lists allow to highlight the main features of a product in a brief and understandable way. In paragraphs, a bright description of goods can be placed. More →