Monthly Archives: December 2014

How to Start Successful Blog about Anything

Blogging has become an integral part of online business promotion. Smartly written blog provides a lot of additional features to attract potential customers. But how to make a blog get the expected traffic? It turns out that it must have several key elements to be successful.

To begin, define the purposes. A good blog has the following functions:

  • it serves as a communication channel regularly providing the most relevant information;
  • it increases customer base and sales; More →

E-Commerce Website Content Writing Tips

Nothing raises so many questions and indignations as a badly written text of the site. Unfortunately, most site owners associate the quality of content exceptionally with text uniqueness, despite the fact that sometimes information provided in such texts is not really valid. In short, the uniqueness is valued much higher than the content of the text. A large amount of such texts discourages visitors, spoils the reputation of the site in potential customer’s eyes, and even leads to the risk of pessimization. This article describes the basic principles to be followed by site owners during the e-commerce content preparation. More →

How to Improve Page Loading Speed

It is no secret that the page loading speed strongly affects many factors. Everyone knows this old truth: the faster your site loads the more visitors you can get. But today the fact whether the visitor waits until the site uploads or not is not the only important thing you have to keep in mind. The whole point is that many modern search engines consider the loading speed while ranking sites, so it can deeply influence your site’s search performance. This article contains some tips on how to increase the loading speed of web pages and the whole site. More →