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How to harden SSH server

One of the most important things that you should do immediately after initial server setup is to protect your machine against unauthorized access via SSH. Otherwise network scanning programs will quickly find out that your server port 22 is open. In that case, the only thing a hacker has to do to get the full control of the system is to fit the root user password.

Apparently unprotected SSH poses a grave security threat to your server. Of course, there is no absolute protection on the Internet. So your task is to make the attacker’s work as difficult as possible. Let’s examine a few¬†safety precautions to reduce the risk of VPS cracking via SSH. More →

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Every blogger and webmaster needs their website or blog to be loaded quickly. As is well known, the majority of Internet users hate slow sites. People rather close slow-moving website and go on then waste their time on waiting. As a rule, WordPress and other blogging engines users install many different plug-ins to speed up their blogs. There are also many other ways to speed up WordPress-based blog, such as css and js compression, database and images optimization, etc. But sometimes it is not enough.

Luckily, there is a powerful tool that distinctly accelerates the blog or website. It is called Content Delivery Network (or CDN). CDN is a network made of More →

What is global traffic management?

Administrators of heavy traffic websites often face the need to balance server operation to cope with traffic fluctuations. Sometimes the site gets more requests than the server is able to handle. As a result, users trying to access the site receive a discouraging message like ‘Server is not working’. Potential customers hardly return on annoyingly ‘slow-moving’ site where the visitor has to wait for the server reaction for a long time. As you can see, such overloading leads to server capacities decrease, software and hardware outages, and site attendance decline.

Global traffic management is aimed to balance client requests across servers. In this case additional servers are set on the network to distribute incoming requests, and the system redirects the client to a particular server. Thus More →

Why is it important to track site statistics?

There are many reasons why server statistical data collecting and monitoring is essential. In this brief article we are going to review some basic reasons and instruments.

First of all, properly collected site statistics is a huge competitive advantage. Your site data can easily show you the efficiency of advertisement and Internet activity. Moreover, it is very helpful if you are looking for marketing strategy development prospects. Having all this information you can spend money only in case it is really beneficial, increase site profit, and outdo all your competitors.

In addition, statistics tracking can help you to determine which web-pages are not good enough or just ineffective. More →