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What is colocation data center

Often large companies with costly equipment do not have an appropriate place for its installation. Moreover, it takes much time and money to organize a room with all the necessary characteristics. Luckily, in such a case hosting providers can place your equipment in their datacenters. Colocation is a popular and asked-for service which allows user get a high level of control over hardware and software without significant capital inputs into own data center organization. More →

Colocation advantages and disadvantages

Colocation is a placement and maintenance of customer’s equipment (i.e. servers) in host provider’s data center. This type of host service helps to appreciably save money and time on communication channel between provider and customer. As a rule, such hosting service is suitable for extremely large web projects with high traffic.

Definite colocation advantages over the rest of host services lay a solid foundation for huge website functionality. Let’s examine all the pros and cons of this service in details. The pros are: More →

Pros of using Aide on VMFrame VPS

Server cracking is one of the most vital Internet issues today, that especially concerns sites with high traffic or profitability. In fact, this is the problem every internet business owner faces the prospect of. That is why it is highly important to take specific measures to stop hackers beforehand.

But how to avoid hacking and computer viruses? To protect VPS from hacking you have to fully control it, carefully adjust its settings, and monitor system changes. Luckily, modern technologies can greatly lighten your work! More →