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Main cloud server advantages

Recently, more and more attention is drawn to cloud hosting. This is one of cutting-edge technologies gradually mastered by hosters. Nevertheless, the majority of people does not fully understand what such kind of hosting actually is, that is why there are so many misconceptions concerning its functionality.

At present, cloud servers are subdivided into two types – private and public. Private server presupposes the availability of own data center, while public one is fully open to the general public so that anyone can get the data. More →

VPS Hosting Plans information

While looking for reliable hosting every web-developer makes own specific demands and wishes. Willing to satisfy all the most exacting requirements of every customer, VMFrame offers several advantageous VPS hosting packages among which perfect propositions for both beginners and professionals can be found. More →

When do you need upgrade to VPS

Probably, in life of every website owner comes a moment when quantity and quality of resources provided with shared hosting are not enough for his project’s proper functionality. In such a contingency, many web-developers hurry on to move up to vps host. But when is it really necessary?

Some inexperienced users naively believe that you should transfer your website only after your daily traffic reaches a particular point. But the real necessity of switching to vserver occurs when the resources of shared hosting are completely exhausted, and traffic has nothing to do with that. In this case a user faces several knotty problems: More →

Things to know about managed and unmanaged VPS

Due to its robustness and flexibility VPS is one of the most popular internet services. Root access to server, own IP-address and port, full control over software, processes, and files… such a huge list of advantages makes VPS a real tidbit for web-developers. For all that VPS suffers from one shortcoming – its administration is quite complicated and time-consuming. It is clear that inexperienced users are usually confronted by difficulties concerning VPS management. That is why VPS host is subdivided into two types: managed and unmanaged. More →