Monthly Archives: March 2014

Advantages of using SSD on hypervisor servers

SSD (Solid-State Disk, also known as Solid-State Drive or Electronic Disk) is a writable data storage device with no moving parts based on memory chips  and controller. Recently, these drives are available to quite a wide range of experts and users. That is why the server and workstation optimization through the use of one or more SSDs is a promising technique, and it is really important to pay special attention to this process.

SSDs represent flash memory that replaces the standard disks in a computer system. Due to that principle of operation such drive has several advantages: More →

Using analytics tools for tracking your site

Nowadays the Internet leaps forward, and the main motive power of its development is business that presses towards obtaining new sales through online advertising. It raises the question of efficient allocation and use of limited advertising budget. That is why web analytics tools should be used to define key performance indicators and timely adjust the advertising strategy. More →

Amsterdam colocation data center

Any web project development directly depends on quality of the selected hosting services. That is why every website owner should carefully check every hosting company and weigh all the pros and cons, especially it concerns colocation solutions because you have to be fully confident of company that will place your expensive equipment. Colocation is perfect solution for experienced clients who have own costly equipment but do not want to spend time and money on own server room organization. In such a case, European colocation is probably the best choice. More →

When you website is blacklisted

What to do if your website is blacklisted? This article describes a multipurpose set of actions to perform to get your site out of the search engine filters.

  1. Delete the code that caused your website to be on the black list.
  2. Log in and add your website (if it is not added.) After successfully adding the site to “Google Webmasters” go to the section “Diagnostics” => “Malware” and request verification. More →

Why is it important to Back up your site?

Imagine a situation: every single day you toil and moil over your site or blog, add new content, refine the design, and suddenly at some instant all your work done fails because of:

-       unintended deletion or modification of the file;

-       failed update of your favorite CMS;

-       uploading wrong or old files to your website home dir; More →