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How to improve wordpress security. 8 Essential Tips

If you have seriously decided to develop your site based on WordPress, the first thing you have to do is to take care of website safety. In this article we will discuss several ways to protect your project against hackers.

Sites are constantly hacked; malware script is often integrated in the site header or Iframe. Usually, the underlying reasons for hacking sites on WordPress are simple passwords, outdated kernel versions, vulnerable themes and plug-ins.

WordPress security issues – tips to solve them

  1. The easiest way to improve wordpress security is to update WP version frequently as new version is as a rule more secure than previous one. Still, there are some ground rules to be observed:
  2. Never use names like “admin”; trying to gain an access to your Administrator console, hacker have to crack the username/password combination, and he will certainly try the name ‘admin’ first. More →

Cheap or Reliable Colocation Service? Motivation for decision making.

Solid companies need large-scaled sites to provide clients with full information about company’s activities and services. Usually such companies have cutting-edge servers, but have no time for own datacenter organization. In fact, there is no need to organize own server room that satisfies all the requirements – it is much easier to find a reliable colocation. It means that hosting company provides a customer with special server place in racks located in fully-equipped data center; in addition, the hosting company is obligated to provide uninterrupted power supply, security and access to the worldwide network. Of course, it is not for free.

Reliable or cheap colocation – what is more beneficial?

First of all, critics of cheap service are of the opinion that it is never protected against such dangerous things as server disrepair or hacker attacks. In addition, it could suddenly turn out that technical support is not round-the-clock or you have to overpay for it. More →

Commercial (.com) or International Domain

Choosing appropriate domain extensions:

Every website ‘life’ begins with a domain name selection. That is why it is one of the most important moments in the site creation, and therefore one of the biggest challenges that await everyone who finally decided to get own website or blog, portal or forum.

International names with .com, .org, .biz, and .net extension are the most common and popular types. Their advantage is territorial subordination absence and, thus, possibility to change the web resource location without any trouble. Therefore, buying an international DN (e.g. com) is a great choice and an indicator of site ‘attractiveness’ at the same time. More →

The most versatile CMS to use for your website

Today a wide range of content management systems can be used for site creation, but none of them has become as popular as WordPress. About 60% of all blogs on the Internet were created with WordPress CMS. So why is this CMS so popular?

First of all, it should be noted that WP interface is so user-friendly that even a novice can easily understand it. All items were translated into many languages; moreover, all the tools are conveniently and plainly located. Thus the creation of elementary site with the help of this CMS is within every user’s power. If WP site creation process still presents some difficulties to you, you can easily find a huge amount of free WP Internet tutorials. More →

Best hosting package for a start-up company

On the first stage of any startup it is greatly important to minimize any initial costs. That is why seeking for VPS that can satisfy all needs of a startup project, on the one hand, and brings a fair price, on the other hand, is a monumental task for every startup developer.

Have no ideas how to reduce costs and increase project efficiency right from the very start? is always ready to lend a helping hand! If you want to carry out a new ambitious project, we offer you a range of services to help you reliably host your website! More →

HTML or PHP on CMS website. Pros and cons

Initially all the websites were created with the help of HTML. Today it is also popular to create sites on PHP technology. So what is the difference between them? Let’s examine pros and cons of these script languages.

HTML website pros:

  1. HTML is perfect for small companies’ sites. HTML is also useful for creating web business cards with no dynamic content or for those pages which are not going to be updated after creation.
  2. Due to light weight as well as fast loading these sites are very easy to be found in search engines. They are simple and minimalistic, which are not the least of the factors as it is difficult to get lost on such sites.
    More →

Comparing Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

In this article we are going to provide a thorough description of hosting services features and make objective recommendations that can help you in choosing the most appropriate hosting type.

What is a Shared Hosting

Shared hosting implies one server resources allocation among several sites; that is why it is the cheapest and the most widespread hosting type. Shared hosting is good for “light” projects not requiring large amount of system resources.

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Important tips to know about WordPress update process

Instructions on how to update your WordPress site using FTP mode:

  1. Open public_html folder using FTP mode.  That is the root directory where wordpress CMS was installed.
  2. Pre-make a fresh copy of the database.
  3. Make a backup of all the files located in the root directory in the event if something goes wrong. As “WP-Content” folder can contain a lot of graphics and large files, as well as your current theme and customized plug-ins, it may remain uncopied. Remove the folder  “wp-admin” containing the old version files and fill up with a fresh version in the same place in root directory (new version can be found on the official site).
  4. Delete this folder and refill it up as “wp-includes”. More →

European colocation tips

It should be noted that the demand for colocation service has appreciably increased recent years. Large hosting companies around the world offer a customers’ equipment placement in their data centers. However, it should be observed that European colocation services are much cheaper. This significant factor coupled with guaranteed professional technical support compels many professional webmasters to use services offered by foreign host companies.

Ultra-modern and environmentally safe European datacenters satisfying all inexorable requirements will become a reliable storage for your web projects. More →

The different types of web hosting

Today it’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence as a business. It’s how people are shopping! They’re jumping on the internet and seeking out the best deals but if you’re not there, you aren’t going to struggle to stay afloat.

So as your online world starts to grow you’re going to have to start looking further and further into hosting.

This can be daunting for anyone uninitiated or not so tech-savvy. In this post we go back to basics to explain the different types of web hosting available today. More →